Urdu- learn the culture

Photo by Aakash Ashraf on Pexels.com

This post is about an insight into Pakistani culture; for people who want to learn the language or about the culture.

People interested in visiting Pakistan can get to know more about the country, they are keen to see.

The literal meaning of “Yes” is “ہاں”. But when you Google it, it says “جی ہاں”. (Ha) (G ha)

People who don’t know Urdu, and trying to learn the language, may get confused.

ہاں is correct translation. (Ha)

But in Urdu, جی ہاں or ہاں جی is semi-formal. جی is making ہاں more respectable and honourable. It is like the middle way. (G ha, Ha g)

جی alone is the formal word. (G)

In Pakistani culture, saying ہاں is considered disrespectful to elders as opposed to basic good manner and etiquette. (Ha)

Even جی ہاں is unacceptable. (Ha g)

Saying ہوں is an ultimate disrespect. This ہوں sound is a talking node. That gives indication to the listener, I have heard you or acknowledgement or consent. People who have this conversation habit are classified as ultimate ill mannered species with bad upbringing. (Hu)

P.s. this is all for now. Stay tuned in for my brain blues. I can totally imagine and understand, it will sound like gibberish to the speakers of other languages; Ha, Ha g, G ha, Hu.

Anybody interested in learning Urdu? Get in touch!

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